Heaven Tantra Massage

unrivaled professional out-call service is discreet and attentive to all our clients’ instructive details so as to deliver the most delightful experience that our valued client fully deserved.

Our angels each carry under their wings years of experience administering sensuous therapy and tantra massaging to heal and relax the body of those that yearn a heavenly feel that is exotic and pleasurable.

Come and experience a new dimension of sexual ecstasy with our lovely angels.

Slipping into the hands of our goddess angels you will be guided into a submissive world of ecstatic pleasure that re energized your inner body that is truly revitalizing and mind boggling.

The silky gentle touch of our highly trained sophisticated goddess angels that is beautiful and sexy and who will send you and your living being into a heighten state of tranquility. We do not define pleasure as we are pleasure by itself.

Let us lead you to another world where living is just an animation and your existence is the very epic center of life.

The right choice is us, Heaven Tantra Massage

There is only one fundamental reason we are here and that is to serve you. Where chariots on fire is raging the land, we scourge the earth to come up with the following to match your choice:-

Gorgeous, Beautiful and sexy goddess angels

Every angel dispatched is artful, talented and skilled with soft skin and neat contour body that harmonizes with yours. The ancient art just comes alive when this heavenly being descent upon you.

Highly organized service

Unparalleled by any of the peers, we are the forefront leader in giving premium service to our clients irregardless who you are. We attend to every details and we are very discreet in handling our business.


You are always getting a bargain with us because we are the only soul that pride ourselves for giving more than what we are receiving.

Let us say no more. Seeing is believing, only the naked truth can be told over the phone. Call us at +65 94490969.